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Transform you!
Our small & focussed Reformer classes are here to harness & restore your strength, flexibility & balance through the Pilates movement method. 
Tania, Instructor

Keeping things focussed and intimate with small classes in the aim to provide our community with access to the life changing movement that is Reformer Pilates. With customisable classes and a large variety of movements, whether you are a learner or a seasoned reformer-lover the REFORMohr method will have you improving strength, fitness, tone, flexibility, balance and posture.

Tania has a long standing passion for health and wellness with a 10 year nursing background, and has been practicing Reformer Pilates for many years which has driven her to become a reformer instructor. Having a fundamental and holistic understanding of the human body in an environment targeting health and wellbeing sets the ultimate pathway to understand your personal needs, barriers and to perfectly challenge you to improve.

"Here for you, I want to understand your movement limitations and goals so together we are working towards an improved you!"


Reformer is known as a gold-standard way to rehabilitate from injury, illness and life set backs, even for chronic pain, and Tania is excited to share her love for this incredible activity. With the resistance of springs, our reformer beds are a low impact, safe and supported way for you to move your body, realise its abilities, and restore your balance and energy. 

Qualified Trainer
Tania has completed L1 Reformer Pilates module & has a current Full First Aid Certification
Our Classes

Form &

Great for beginners & those needing a lighter session. Focussing on the fundamentals, with the purpose of refining form & function through flowing movement. Maintaining that challenge our bodies need whilst incorporating the
essentials of stretch

& Tone

Here to build, sculpt & tone through higher reps, harder options & more dynamic movements. Working our whole body to improve strength & mobility, prioritising our stabalising muscles essential for
support & balance of our

1:1 Private SEssons
Rehab focussed sessions with specific programming tailored to your injuries and requirements. To target rebuilding strength, flexibility and balance.
$60 - 1 hour

Class Pricing

2 classes Weekly 

Minimum 3months membership

1 class Weekly 


Minimum 3months membership


Any 10 classes
concession card

Valid - 1 year



1 class booking
12 month Exp

Class Schedule
Class Schedule
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