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Get Mohr out of your day!
Our classes are designed to help everyone, regardless of their ability, to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle.
Gilly, Instructor

Pack your daily workout into less than 45 minutes with a high intensity, functional movement focussed, group fitness class.

Combining a mix of body-weight and weighted exercises, these workouts improve your lifestyle strength, reducing your risk of injury and helping you get more out of your day.   

The classes are run by coach, Gilly, who brings experience, ideas and a variety of exercises to the floor.

Gilly's expertise allow him to tailor each workout individually, therefore making his classes accommodating of all ages, abilities and stages of fitness.

Qualified Trainer
Gilbert has a National Certificate of Exercise, L3 & has full First Aid Certification
Class Pricing


Unlimited classes


Any 10 classes
$150 concession card

2 classes
per week

Any 2 classes

Class Schedule
Class Schedule
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